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International Cooperation
Hot Questions about MBBS Application 2012-04-18
Announcement of NEB Registration Examination (12-1) 2012 2012-04-10
Hold the Last Chance for MBBS Program of Spring Intake 2012-03-31
Calling Testers and Reviewers CUCAS Community: School Reviews website beta now online 2012-03-15
Graduation Ceremony of the First MBBS Graduates in Zhejiang University 2012-03-16
The MOST UNPRECEDENTED culture immersion experience @ CUCAS! 2012-03-14
Indian Students Study MBBS in China 2012-03-13
Apply for academic programs on CUCAS, gain the priority of scholarship admission! 2012-01-09
Procedure of studying in China is getting easier 2011-12-29
First year's tuition free at China's best university for foreign students! 2011-11-14
Quick Online Application Portal to Peking University Opened 2011-11-14
Enter for your chance to win a $1000 scholarship from CUCAS 2011-10-18
3 Days Free Application Service During Mid-Autumn! 2011-09-07
English Taught Medical Programs at one of the Nation's Best Schools 2011-09-07
2011-2012 Winter Courses Available For Application 2011-05-27
Studying in Beijing as a new learner for Chinese,and winning a 1,000 RMB scholarship 2011-05-27
International Students Interviews - Pavel & Anna from TianjinUniversity of Technology 2011-03-10
Renmin University of China opens online application service for international students 2011-01-27
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Opens Online Application on CUCAS  2010-11-29
Studying Medical Course in FMU is Available for Application on CUCAS 2010-10-13
2011 CUCAS Excellent Students Scholarship Scheme Is Now Open for Spring Enrollment 2010-10-11
China Medical University Officially Joined CUCAS for Online Application 2010-10-11
Online Application for YNUFE is Available on CUCAS 2010-07-29
Fujian Normal University is Open for Application on CUCAS 2010-07-29
The University of International Business & Economics Is Available for Application on CUCAS 2010-07-14
CUCAS Appoints Representative in Vietnam 2010-06-23
Application Deadline is Approaching - Submit Your Application ASAP 2010-06-18
Get Enrollment at Chinese Universities for FREE 2010-06-18
BFSU-Solbridge Has Officially Joint CUCAS for Online Admission 2010-06-11
Online Application for Chinese Study in YXN is Available on CUCAS 2010-05-31
Talent Mandarin Stars Shined on Beijing TV 2010-05-27
^Mandarin Star ̄ Contest Semi-final Round Victory Ended 2010-05-26
Soochow University officially joined CUCAS for Online Admission 2010-05-24
Absolutely Right Choice to Study Chinese Medicine in NJUCM 2010-05-19
China Pharmaceutical University Offers High Quality English-medium Pharmacy Courses 2010-05-19
Dalian Maritime University Is Available for Application on CUCAS 2010-05-17
Highly Intensive and Effective Chinese Course is Available for Application 2010-05-11
2010 "Mandarin Star" Preliminary Contest Processed Successfully 2010-04-27
Mandarin Star 2010 is coming! 2010-04-22
2010 Summer Chinese Courses in China 2010-04-15
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