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2011-2012 Winter Courses Available For Application

During the winter vacation in China, some China's universities offer winter classes with a more efficient study method that will help foreign students to have a pleasant and fluid Chinese study experience. 

Winter courses in China's universities will start in late Dec. or early Jan. There are 8 universities at 6 cities that offer winter courses with various durations from 1 to 9 weeks. Choosing to study winter courses will also be a great opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience traditional Chinese culture. 

You will enjoy your winter study experience in the following six cities: 

Beijing - The right place to plan your winter study here

Beijing is a unique winter holiday destination and its winter highlights bring you the very best of the season with the Ice Lantern Festival, Skiing, Hot Spring Spas, Chinese Spring Festival and more.


Harbin - Known as the "Icy City of China"

During winter vacation, Harbin will hold the International Ice and Snow Festival which has not only become an integral part of the winter life of local people, but also played an active role in introducing Harbin to international friends. To feel China's winter culture, Harbin is your best choice.


Chengdu - The food paradise and a good place for leisure

It is a worthy plan to experience Chengdu in winter for its comfortable weather. When winter arrives, snow is rare and the temperature is around 5 degrees Centigrade. You can not only enjoy this famous cultural centre, but also taste the regions famous feature food- Hotpot.


Tianjin - A beautiful coastal city in northern China

Located in the far north-eastern part of China, the city experiences a fairly humid climate and snowy weather during the winter months. Tianjin dining culture is renowned throughout China, and not only the traditional Tianjin snacks, but the cuisines from other regions of China can also be found.


Xi'an - A world-renowned ancient capital city with a three thousand year-long history

Xi'an, "the eternal city", records the greatest changes of the Chinese nation. It is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the northwest of China. The winter here is actually relatively warm compared with Canada and North Europe. And main attractions in Xi'an are all inside, the terra cotta soldiers are enclosed and the Shaanxi History Museum is heated, as well as many others. The pagodas, drum tower and bell tower are also still very attractive lit up at night. You might have a great experience seeing the frozen lakes, go skiing, take a bath in the hot spring spa at Huaqingchi and enjoy the winter season with lesser crowd.


Dalian - One of China's cleanest cities and main tourist destinations

Dalian does an impressive job of scheduling interesting, diverse festivals and cultural events throughout the year. During the winter vacation, Spring Fireworks Festival and Chinese New Year will bring you an unforgettable experience in China.




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