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News & Events
Applying for Dr Cheng Yu Tung Fellowships 2007/08 under the HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine 2006-04-12
The educational development during the 10th 5-Year Plan  2006-02-28
Education and Careers Expo open in Hong Kong 2006-02-24
Number of foreign students in China rises 20 percent annually 2006-01-19
China, Germany to join hands in engineering education  2005-12-06
Shenzhou - 6 Astronauts visited CUHK campus 2005-11-30
Mainland welcomes HK scientists to participate in its space undertakings 2005-11-30
China to adopt Internet-based TOEFL test in 2006 2005-11-18
China to earmark 10 billion yuan to support vocational education 2005-11-11
HKUST, Microsoft to launch PhD joint scheme on computer science 2005-11-07
China grants huge financial assistance to poor students 2005-09-27
College Graduates Called on to Work at Grassroots Posts 2005-07-05
Distance Education System Designed to Bridge Urban-Rural Gap in Education 2005-07-05
Architectural Exhibition Shows HK Students' Idealized Vision 2005-06-20
Chinese-language Learning Hot in Indonesia 2005-06-17
Chinese Proficiency Test Takers Increase by 40 Percent Annually 2005-06-17
Eight Measures to Boost Overseas Chinese Teaching: Official 2005-06-17
Beijing Willing to Cooperate with Taiwan in Overseas Chinese Teaching 2005-06-17
143m HKD Granted for Education Upgrades in Hong Kong 2005-06-15
China Release List of Recommended Children's Books 2005-06-15
Parents Commended As Models of Good Family Educators 2005-06-15
China Adopts New Measures to Narrow Education Gaps 2005-06-15
China's Efforts to Improve Education in Western Areas Pay Off 2005-05-31
National Library Opens Digital Portal 2005-05-31
Chinese Enthusiasm for Overseas Study Going Rational 2005-05-30
English Teaching in Chinese Universities under Reform 2005-05-30
China Protects Endangered Ethnic Languages 2005-05-30
China Forms Minority Education System 2005-05-25
IBM to Help Chinese University Train Software Designers 2005-05-24
"Bilingual teaching" Promoted in Ethnic Minority Regions 2005-05-23
China Sees Record High Number of Overseas Students in 2004 2005-05-23
HKSAR Gov't Prepares to Invest HK$7.9b in Educational Reform 2005-05-19
Chinese Language Contest Held in Indonesia 2005-05-17
UN Expert Stresses Education in Sustainable Development 2005-05-13
Universities Required to Help Fund Poor Students 2005-05-13
China, ROK to Enhance Education Exchanges 2005-05-13
China and Holland to Build Biomedical And Information School 2005-05-12
UBC Establishes Regional Office in HK  2005-05-08
HK Establishes Online Educational Philanthropic Website 2005-05-08
60 Unqualified Chinese Universities Get Yellow Cards 2005-04-30
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