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CUCAS Appoints Representative in Vietnam

  The exclusive on-line application platform for studying in China - CUCAS (China's University and College Admission System) now appoints the first representative in Vietnam. This is an important step for CUCAS to base in China and provide global services for international students.

  In the strong demanding of students and parents in Viet Nam, CUCAS specially appoints Mr. Qingming Zheng as CUCAS representative in Viet Nam (Hanoi) to provide a closer services access to the local students and parents.

  CUCAS holds the opinions that only Vietnamese who are fully aware of China can effectively help students from Vietnam. Mr. Zheng is just a Vietnamese, who graduated from Renmin University of China, which is one of the most famous universities in China. As a person who is full of enthusiasm and responsibility, he once held the position of Student Chairman of 'Vietnamese in Beijing' when he was in China. With his deep understanding for Chinese education, lifestyle and the procedures of studying in China, he greatly agrees the services from CUCAS which provides conveniences for international students.


  CUCAS gets the recognition from the official website of Ministry of Education ( and is authorized by almost all of the universities in China for recruiting international students.

  It not only provides platform for Chinese colleges to post admission information on-line and system services for dealing with the applications, but also serves as the comprehensive Chinese Universities database for searching information of Chinese colleges and courses in an easier way. At the same time, students can directly apply their favorite universities on-line without mailing materials. However, there are only English and Russian versions on CUCAS which is a trouble for Vietnamese students. Mr. Zheng will provide services for Vietnamese students in the following areas:

   Providing the information concerning on studying in China

   Conducting and assisting the students to complete the application through CUCAS

   Being the agent of collecting school application fees and CUCAS processing fees ($ 30/person)(Other costs, such as tuition fees, accommodation fees, visa services, etc. has nothing to do with CUCAS)

  Now there are nearly 10,000 Vietnamese students studying in China. Most of them are in the aim of applying degree-oriented major. Those students are distributed in various cities in China, not only central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, some provinces neighboring to Vietnam such as Guangxi and Yunnan, but also inland cities such as Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu and Chongqing, some cities with pleasant seaside such as Dalian, Qingdao and Xiamen. Most of the students do not learn Chinese or just learn Chinese for a short time before they come to China.

  They always refer to the comments from agency companies and opinions from their relatives and friends so that their understanding to China and Chinese universities is limited. The information they get is commonly not complete and not all-inclusive and even incorrect or out-dated some times.

  To solve the problems appeared, CUCAS provides a complete solution for international students. Just by logging in CUCAS, students can get the latest information of hundreds of Chinese universities and apply to their favorite university on-line. Based in the heart of Chinese education and culture----capital Beijing, with the supports from official and the establishment of direct cooperation between institutions, CUCAS has established the most comprehensive database for universities in China. Chinese universities purchase CUCAS on-line enrollment technology solutions, timely provide the latest admission information to CUCAS and handle the submitted student applications on CUCAS.

  The establishment of CUCAS Representation in Vietnam will combine the advantages of Internet services and local artificial services together. It will enable CUCAS services more convenient, accurate, timely and efficient, improve the students' confidence, and reduce the students' expense.


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