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Talent Mandarin Stars Shined on Beijing TV

  2010 Beijing “Mandarin Star” Contest for international students is hot in progress. Young contestants from all over the world were gathering together on the stage to show their various kinds of talents. After the semi-final contest ended on 16th May, some of the participants were invited to “Common Ground”, which is a distinguished international talk show program of BTV-l, as a culture link between China and the world, the program focuses on the common topics that interest people all around the world and devotes itself to discussing the culture differences between the east and the west.

  Mandarin Star contestants were divided into two teams, separately led by Li’an Zhu and Xiaoyu Jin who are both French stars. They brought spectators a quite fierce and splendid Chinese show.


《Common Ground》Live


Zhu’s Team: Yan Sima (US., Beijing Language and Culture University)

Li Wei (Hungary, Beijing Normal University)

Happy 2 Team (Brazil & Kazakhstan, Beijing Jiaotong University)


Jin’s Team: Jieming Zhao (USA, Beijing Foreign Languages University)
Cuihua (Poland, Communication University of China)

Yi-De Team (Congo & Russia, Beijing Jiaotong University)


  Two team members were all from Mandarin Star contest. They could not only speak fluent Chinese language but also master in Chinese culture and art. Cross talk, Beijing opera, two-man action, clapper talk, all of the stunning performance drew bursts of applause.



  Li Wei, a pretty girl from Hungary, was described by spectators as Marilyn Monroe of Mandarin Star. She loved singing and had many experiences in performances and contests before. What surprised all is that she was a real “Spicy Girl” under her beautiful appearance. Her favorite Chinese food is Sichuan cuisine, so she got a cute nickname “Hungary’s Red Pepper”.



  Yi-De Team performed the famous Hunan Drums Opera”Liu Qiao cut”, they got mellow voice, exquisite performance and remarkable basic skills, especially the eye contact. They were called “Brother Gang” and “Sister Mei”.



  Cui Hua is really an old China hand, could speak authentic Mandarin as well as Szechwanese and Henan dialect. She dreams to host her own TV show”Cui Hua Talk Show” in China.



Xiao Zheng from the US performed a traditional Cross Talk《BaShan Screen》



Evan from Russia gave his allegretto performance.


  At last, the performance was ending with an original pretty melody song “Mandarin Star” by Weng Keyun from Malaysia.



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