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Graduation Ceremony of the First MBBS Graduates in Zhejiang University

  On March 12, the graduation ceremony for the first undergraduates in MBBS program was held in Zhejiang University. 37 international students from 8 countries were awarded with graduation certificate and diploma.

  As the first batch of international students in MBBS (taught in English) program of Zhejiang University, these students were enrolled in 2006. After five and a half years of learning in School of Medicine, they successfully completed the course study and clinical practice, passed all the assessments and examinations with qualified performance. So they were allowed to graduate and awarded with the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

  The vice president of Zhejiang University-Maode Lai congratulated the graduates on behalf of the university and encouraged them to take lifelong learning for a good doctor needs constantly learning, accumulation of experience, and love to the patients. He wished all the graduates successful career.

  To witness this historical moment, the family members of over 20 international students gathered in Zhejiang University. The valedictorian, Osama Sajjad from Pakistan gave a speech of gratitude to show his heartfelt thanks to the efforts of Zhejiang University and the teachers in School of Medicine in the past over 5 years.

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