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How to Study in China
Beijing Chiwest

In the last several years alone, the number of international students coming to China has more than doubled. Students from all around the world are attracted by China’s growing economy and improving higher educational system.

Students come to study a wide variety of subjects. Many come to learn the Chinese language, either starting from scratch or improving the skills they already have. Some come to learn aspects of Chinese traditional culture, including art, calligraphy, Chinese medicine and dance. Still others come for advanced programs in engineering, economics, medicine, management and more. The number of opportunities available to students in China is increasing rapidly.

Not long ago studying in China was relatively difficult. Chinese universities were not accustomed to dealing with international students, and communication could be slow and frustrating due to language and cultural differences. Many universities did not have up-to-date English websites, so getting information was difficult or impossible. Chiwest solves these problems by offering easy to access, current information about Chinese universities and a simple, easy-to-use electronic application service for any school in China.

Studying in China has never been easier for international students. Three simple steps can be taken to get on the road to an exciting and meaningful educational path in China.


Get an Introduction to China
Learn what makes China the best choice for an education
Plan Your Studies
Find a program and school that suits your needs and provides high-quality instruction
Use our simple, convenient service to apply for the programs of your choice

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