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Why Study in China (Ⅴ)


Save Money

  There are countless reasons to study in China, and the affordable cost makes it possible for almost anyone. China's developing economy makes the cost of living much lower than North American and European countries.

  Weighing Study Abroad Options

  The most popular place for American students to study abroad is the United Kingdom. University tuition for a non-EU citizen is will be at least 7000 GBP (nearly $10,000) for a year. Living expenses can be high as well: a single person needs over 13,000 GBP (or $18,000) per year to live decently.

  Italy, another popular spot for American students, is not a budget option either. Cost of living in Italy is comparable to the United States.

  Other Asian countries are also relatively expensive. Japan is one of the more expensive study abroad options and living costs in Tokyo can be as high as $1800 per month. South Korea is not much cheaper, and Seoul is the 5th most expensive city for foreign residents in the world.

  Foreign students studying abroad in the United States and Australia face a similar challenge. Australia's universities have the highest tuition in the world for public universities; the United States is the second priciest location. American private colleges are the most expensive in the world.

  China's Cost of Living

  China's cost of living is quite low compared to the United States, Canada, Australia and many parts of Europe. Food products and consumer goods are the least expensive items in China. A meal at a local restaurant for one person could cost one or two dollars. A good pair of jeans might be about $10 at a local market.

  Transportation can also be very cheap. Riding a bus is usually about 15 cents, and a subway ticket in Beijing is about 30 cents. Taxis are considered expensive by local standards, but even in big cities a trip across town is a fraction of what it would be anywhere in Europe or North America.

  Housing might be the most expensive aspect of living in China. In a city like Beijing or Shanghai, a rent for a small apartment will be at least $200 to $300 per month. In smaller cities and towns, housing prices are much lower.

  Tuition fees in China are substantially lower as well. Chinese language courses can be as cheap as $1700 for a full-semester at Beijing Language and Culture University. Private institutions are somewhat more expensive, but offer smaller classes and more individual support.

  Prices for all things, especially housing, are much lower in smaller cities than in the large cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Foreign food and imported products are also quite expensive compared to local varieties. Overall though, the cost of living in China is much lower than in other popular study abroad destinations. 

  Scholarship Opportunities

  Opportunities exist for international students to offset the costs of studying in China. The China Scholarship Council offers a scholarship for students studying in China universities. Students can also take advantage of a variety of other grants to help pay for their study in China.

  In addition, individual schools often offer scholarships to international students. Contact us for more information about a particular school's scholarship opportunities.

  - Chris Hearne, Chief editor
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