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Why Study in China (IV)


Travel and Exploration

  Studying in China is an excellent opportunity to explore the country, its places and people. Before or after studying or during academic breaks, those interested in experiencing the country will have ample opportunity to see China with their own eyes.

  China's huge size means it is home to a wide variety of people and landscapes. Both pristine natural beautify and bustling nightlife are easy to find. Whatever a student is looking for in a travel experience, China has it.

  Diverse Land and People

  China is made up of a huge variety of people, each with a unique language and way of life. Likewise, almost every type of landscape on the planet can be found in China, from deserts and grasslands to rainforests and mountains. Xinjiang's vast deserts and Yunnan's diverse cultures show how varied China really is.

  City Life

  China's cities are alive with activity. Fine restaurants, an active nightlife and modern conveniences are all easily accessible in Chinese cities, yet traditional ways of life still exist beside high-rise hotels and office buildings. Those interested in high-paced city life should check out China's metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai.

  Countryside and Village Life

  The majority of China's population lives a traditional life in villages and small towns. Studying in China will give you the chance to explore this amazing and often-neglected side of China. Rural residents are incredibly welcoming to guests and visiting a village is the best way to see China's heart and soul. Whether you visit a remote mountain town or a small village on the outskirts on Beijing, visiting China's countryside is an eye-opening and valuable experience.

  Natural Beauty

  Outside of the city, China has some of the world's most pristine natural beauty. Rare wildlife can be found in many of China's more remote regions and amazing scenic sites can be found throughout the country. Places like Yellow Mountain in Anhui province and Chengdu's panda preserve are great places to get a look at China's natural wonders.

  Ancient History


  History is everywhere in China. Those interested in learning more can combine history with travel. Students can arrange trips to ancient temples, monuments, ruins and castles. Those with an interest in history will never tire of exploring China. The 2000-year old Terracotta Army and Beijing's Forbidden City are just two examples of China's historic sites.

  - Chris Hearne, Chief editor
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