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Why Study in China(III)


Jumpstart a Career
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  Skills, knowledge and experience accumulated as a student in China will transfer into a career later in life, whether one chooses to work in China, at home or elsewhere. No matter whether one chooses to study advanced Chinese, business management or martial arts, studying in China gives advantages to any job search or career path.

  Chinese Language Skills

  China is now one of the world's dominant economies and the Chinese language will continue to grow in importance. The boost that Chinese language proficiency gives to a career in business is enormous, but China's global rise means that careers in international politics, development, non-profits, education and a host of other fields all stand to gain from a working knowledge of Chinese as well. There will be more and more demand for Chinese skills in the future and this can give a serious advantage to jobseekers.

  Academic Training

  Education in China is advancing and top institutions can give world-class training in practically any field. You can work to obtain a degree from a Chinese institution or transfer credits you earn while in China to your school back home. China's educational institutions are advancing at a rapid pace and more and more overseas students are coming to take advantage of world-class Chinese facilities and instruction.

  Cultural Skills

  The modern world is globalized and interaction between people of different cultures is essential. Those that have gone abroad and learned how to interact with other cultures will have a distinct advantage over those that stay at home or choose to go to places more similar to their home country.

  Living and studying in China brings you into contact with a unique culture that is vastly different from almost every other country in the world. Even if you don't walk away an expert in Chinese culture, the ability to work, study and make friendships with those different from you is a valuable skill in today's world and can benefit any career.


  Employers love to hire people that have lived or studied abroad. The reason is that the type of people that voluntarily leave their home for long periods of time are exactly the type of people that make good employees: risk-takers, adaptable and independent.

  China is a challenging and fast-paced environment and employers know it. More than any other country, study abroad experience in China signals to an employer that you possess valuable personal and professional qualities. Students find that their experience in China gives them an advantage in finding the job they want.

  - Chris Hearne, Chief editor
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