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Agricultural Technology
China leads in research of genetically modified plants  2005-12-06
World's potatoes originate in Peru: study  2005-10-09
China breeds new strain of high-yield hybrid sticky rice  2005-09-15
Desertification defense line takes shape 2005-09-13
Chinese, Japanese Scientists Raise "Super Rice"  2005-07-05
China Makes Breakthrough in Wheat Breeding 2005-06-17
China Establishes Protection Zone for Wild Rice 2005-05-30
First Chinese Farmer Receives State Innovation Award 2005-04-18
Energy-free Irrigation Technology Invented 2005-04-06
New Technique Helps Increase Rice Output in SW China 2005-03-18
Joint Hands to Find A Global Solution to A Global Problem 2005-03-11
45 pct of China's Agricultural Production Comes from Agroscience: Minister 2005-03-11
China Cultivates High-yield "Super Corn"  2005-03-01
R&D Drive Helps Produce More Milk for Chinese 2005-02-22
GM Rice Promoted to Boost Supply 2005-02-21
China Able to Control Spread of Red Fire Ants 2005-02-01
China Develops Advanced Technologies on Farm Produce Processing 2005-02-01
China Develops New Quality Agricultural Germplasms  2004-12-24
First Robot Milker Put into Use 2004-12-07
New Hybrid Rice Developed in Shanghai 2004-10-25
Zhu Youyong Wins 1st Prize in World Rice Contest 2004-10-18
Chinese Scientists Among First to Crack Genetic Code of Rice 2002-04-08
Rice Cropped to Save Water in Beijing 2002-01-10
China Makes Breakthrough in Biological Control of Pests 2001-12-18
China Agricultural Machinery, Technology Exhibition Opens in Vietnam  2001-12-18
Super Hybrid Rice Yields Over 10 Tons Per Hectare  2001-12-10
China Records Breakthrough in Hybrid Wheat Research  2001-11-29
China Invents New Weed Killers  2001-11-29
China Cultivates New Rice Species  2001-11-29
French Bio-organic Tech Expected to Help Grow Chinese Tea  2001-11-27
Chinese Farmers Use Computers for Farming  2001-11-12
Chinese President Meets International Agricultural Scientists  2001-11-08
2001 China Agricultural High-tech Forum Opens  2001-11-06
Big Progress Made in China's First Agricultural Zone  2001-11-06
Eighth Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Expo Opens  2001-11-06
China Launches Agricultural IP Rights Information Center  2001-11-05
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