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China Builds Highest Automatic Meteorological Station

Chinese explorers on Mount Qomolangma have succeeded in building the world's highest automatic meteorological observation station at a narrow pass of Dongrongbu Glacier at an altitude of 6,520 meters.

According to Kang Shichang, the two-floor observation center with an input of over RMB one million yuan can collect every ten minutes data on atmospheric temperature and humidity as well as direction and speed of wind.

The snow detector can get data on the depth of snow every ten minutes and the ultrasonic detector is dedicated to collecting first-hand information on the direction and speed of wind as well as carbon dioxide fluxes.

Kang said, human activities have had small impact on the area of 6, 000 meters high at Mount Qomolangma, which is very close to the primitive condition of the earth. Meteorological observation station built here will present an objective view of the changes of global climate and can provide precious meteorological information.

The meteorological observation station will remain on the mountain permanently with its equipment updated every three years.

Peoples Daily

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