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CSTU Develops 'Nano-cable' as Fine as a 4/1,00th Hair

Recently, the China Science and Technology University (CSTU) in Anhui's Hefei city has successfully developed a "nano-cable" which is as fine as a 4/1,000th hair. Up to now, only this university possesses this invented technology in the world.

The topic group led by Prof. Yu Shuhong, vice-president of the Chemistry and Material Science School of the China Science and Technology University has successfully produced ¡nano-cables¡ with cheap material and by easy operational method, which has provided an effective way for solving the problem related to connection between components of super-high density integrated circuit. This research result was published in the latest issue of J. Am.Chem.Soc, a world-famous chemical periodical.

Sources say, many research institutes worldwide are currently engaged in the research on this nano-cable technology. Previous integrated circuits usually needed extremely harsh terms, such as the term of high temperature, laser and carbothermic reduction, whereas Prof. Yu Shuhong and research fellows acquired nano structural materials with low-priced starch, carbohydrates of saccharides and other carbon sources as raw materials.

In the opinion of the manuscripts reader of the J.Am.Chem.Soc., this research result has really provided a prospective way to get structural material for synthetic nano-cables.

Compared with traditional cable, nano-cable is operating in a broader area, it can be cut off at will in accordance with usage, has the characteristics of being small in size and having a high technology content, it is widely applied in computer-related hi-tech fields.

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