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National Network Center

National Network Center located at Tsinghua University, the CERNET national network center is responsible for the construction, operation and management of CERNET. Following are its functional branches:

Network Operation Center (NOC):
It is responsible for the construction, initiation, management and maintenance of the CERNET national backbone while in addition, it coordinates the transaction relationship between the global Internet and the regional network centers.

Network Information Center (CERNIC):
It is responsible for the address allocation of the whole network and the domain name registration under Its other functions include providing network resource construction and services and regularly releasing information about CERNET's development.

CERNET Computer Emergency Response Team (CCERT)
CERNET developed Chinese first CERT called CCERT. CCERT serves CERNET backbone and TUNET. Its website is . It ensures CERNET is more safe network environment. Based on this center, related research activities are carried on, including reliable Internet security infrastructure and security monitor theory, a large scale network attack detection, anti-spam email and content filtering, and PKI, etc.. Currently the first network security P3 laboratory is being set up.


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