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Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Open for International Applicants Online

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Open for International Applicants Online




  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute has opened to international applicants on China's largest online admission platform: CHIWEST ( this week. To go in line with MOE’s guideline-“China education towards the world”, more than 95 universities have joined in Chiwest online application system and opened to the overseas applicants from all over the world. The applicants can apply online through the new platform and enjoy the convenience of one-stop services and real-time application online tracking system.


online admission platform: CHIWEST

  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China's only institutions of higher ceramic learning, was founded in 1958 in a Millennium Town Jingdezhen.  It is one of the thirty-one national universities which has the authority to offer art bachelor degrees and is one of the ninety-four universities that has the authority to offer Chinese Government scholarship to international masters and bachelors.  Nowadays, the institute consists of eleven sub-ordinary schools and departments: School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Art & Design, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Information Engineering, Department of Thermal Engineering, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Social Science and Physical Education Department, adult education school and a sub-institute --- Science & Technology and Art Institute.  At present, the institute has 32 undergraduate programs, 23 postgraduate programs. The institute focuses on regular college courses, and it’s entitled to master degrees, high professional education and international students’ education.


  The institute is a professional, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary higher education institute for ceramics, devoting mainly in ceramic science as well as science, liberal arts, business administration, economics, natural science, education and law.  The institute is now well-known in the national and international ceramic, natural science, the national and international ceramic area as important teaching, researching and culture exchanging base in the ceramic art design and ceramic engineering area.



  The institute always attaches great importance to international exchange and co-operations, and has established friendly cooperation relationship with over twenty colleges in U.S.A, French, Japan, South Korea, England, Canada, Finland, Norway and many professional associations such as IAC, ECS, NECECA, ACS, JCS, KCS,. And it had already enrolled more than thousand international students from Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa since 1958 when the institute was established.

  Through the convenient online application service offered by CHIWEST, the institute is expecting to provide a hassle free application service and pass this precious heritage to everyone around the world.


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