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Higher Education In China(V)

                                      The Industry, Teaching And Research In HEIs

In recently years, taking full advantage of their talents, knowledge, science and technology, the HEIs emphasized the practical research and development in the light of economic construction of our country and made great effort to serve the central task of economic construction while at the same time strengthening the basic research£® In addition, HEIs have taken part in the construction of science park, establish high-tech enterprises run by HEIs and combine industry, teaching and research together to turn the scientific and research fruits into real productivity and spread them to the whole society. For example, with its own advantage of talents and technology, the Fourder Group run by Peking University not only revolutionized the printing industry of China, but occupied 90£¥ of the market of Chinese newspapers at home and aboard. The Group has its own master and doctoral training pilots, post-doctor mobilizing departments, national key laboratories and research centers for national projects, thus the integration of industry, teaching and research into reality.


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