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Higher Education In China(IV)

                                               The Construction Of Teaching Contingent

From the end of l980's to the early l990's, the problems of8 aging, lacking young teachers and low qualification have obviously shown up concerning the teaching contingent in HEIs. To change the situation, educational administrative departments at various levels and HEIs made different policies and took all kinds of measures, After l0 years£¯ unremitting efforts, all those problems have been solved primarily.

1 With many young teachers replenished, the age structure of teachers contingent has been adjusted. A number of middle-aged and young teachers have gradually developed themselves and become the back-bone teams in teaching and research£® The precentage of those above 45 among all full- time teachers has increased from 63.27£¥ of 1991 to 75. 56£¥ of l998.

2 The policies relative to position promotion have been made and the position structure of teaching contingent has been adjusted£® The number of full time teachers with advanced professional position has increased from 99,500 of 1991 to 152,600 of 1998.

3 The proportion of Ph. Ds and masters to be selected and remained in HEIs has been increased and the degree structure of teachers has been adjusted£®The percentage of full time teachers with doctoral or master degrees has increased from 18.04£¥of 1991
to 27.78£¥ of 1998.

4 The knowledge structural of teachers has been adjusted through in-service training, offering in-service degree education, selecting teachers to go aboard for advanced studies and carrying out cooperative research£®The teachers contingent is replenished and the development of new disciplines is promoted by recruiting the returning overseas students.


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