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CERNET Research

Research on Network Operation and Management Technology

Large Scale Network Operation Theory and Technology Research
Develop the research on basic theory and core technology of network operation, including (1)operation organizing, (2)workflow of management, (3)QoS, and (4)network resources planning based on CERNET、CERNET2、TEIN2、TUNET, etc..

New Generation Network Management Architecture and Key Technologies Research
Develop the research on (1) overlay-based network management architecture, (2) IPv4/IPv6-oriented integrated management, (3) network service management and (4) the integrated management based on IP network and optical transport network etc (specifically ASON network)..

Network Measurement and Behavior Theory and Technology Research
Develop the research on (1) network measurement & behavior theory and (2) the key technologies, including (1) measurement architecture, (2) active and passive measurement technologies, (3) traffic data analysis and (3) mining and holographic measurement technology.

Network Management System Development and Product Development
Develop the research on (1) efficient network fault monitoring technology, (2) network traffic monitoring technology, (3) network accounting technology, (4) integrated operation information service technology, (5) workflow-based network operation and (6) fault solving technology, and (7) NMS integration technology. Develop and deploy the network management system in various backbone networks, metropolitan area networks and campus network.

Research on Network and Information Security Technology

Set up the first network security emergency response team (CCERT: CERNET Computer Emergency Response Team) in China,and provide security services to CERNET backbone and TUNET users.

Develop the research on (1) trust network architecture and security monitoring theory, (2) large scale network intrusion detection and emergency response, (3) malicious mobile code propagation modeling, (4) anti-spam content filtering, and (5) public key infrastructure (PKI) and application etc. and (6) set up the first “Network Security P3 Laboratory” in China.

Deploy (1) campus network identity authentication system, (2)network security incidents management system, (3)certificate service system (CA) etc.

Research on Network Architecture and IPv6 Technology

Undertake the National High Technology Development 863 Program of China, key projects of National Natural Science Funds and the projects of National Basic Research Program of China collaborating with the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University. Develop the research on (1) next generation architecture theory research, and (2) next-generation trustworthy Internet based on authentic source address.

Develop the research on the architecture and key technologies of next generation routers and switches, and high performance IPv4/IPv6 transition and interoperation methods.

Developed the first IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack core router (BitEngine 12000 Series) in China, collaborating with the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Bitway Networking Co. Ltd.

Research on Key Technology of Wireless and Mobile Network

Develop the research on (1) the architecture of next generation wireless Internet integrating broadband wireless access technology with IPv6, and (2) the key technology of mobility and roaming. Develop the key application of next generation wireless Internet, mainly on the IPv6 wireless mobile multimedia communication systems etc.

Deploy a set of research trials in both indoor and outdoor wireless environment, by using 802.11 and 802.16 wireless broadband access technologies and seamless roaming /fast handoff mechanism. Develop VoIP applications based on WiFi SIP system, which could intercommunicate with PSTN network. Develop large-scale   network management systems providing performance monitoring and AAA services throughout the whole wireless network.

Research on Information Search Engine

Based on GRID, CERNET can provide computing services and large distributed search engine, content delivery. In 1996, CERNET jointly proposed the Chinese first Internet standard, RFC1922 which can be used for the transition between different Chinese encoding systems. In 1997, the search engine named Network Compass was developed for both Chinese and English, which is used over CERNET.  In 2001, the IPv6 search engine was developed.

Research on Traffic Control and Monitoring and Network Billing

In 1996, CERNET began to research and develop the network billing system based on network traffic. In January 1997, this system was used over CERNET.


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