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Design Philosophy and Implementation Strategy

Emphasized Subjects Information Resources Service System
CERNET has set up a large scale searching engine for Chinese educational information and the mirroring system up to 800GB storage for international top universities and famous academic organization.

On-line Enrollment and Consultation Service System
Since 2002, CERNET supports the on-line enrollment and admission system, which is also the world’s largest system for students enrollment, admission and consultation.

Large-scale Voice and Video Service System
CERNET has established a voice over IP system based on Internet technology and the video conferencing system based on multicast technology, which is widely used in the Ministry of Education, universities and provincial educational department. During SARS period in 2003, the system played a very important role, held more than eighty meetings and more than 20 large conferences.

Education Resources Service Platform
Collaborating with other organizations, CERNET constructs the nationwide uniform education resources service platform. In 2003, CERNET established the CERNET on-line learning center, collaborating with Blackboard company, which is the American’s largest distance education platform company.



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