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Education for Ethnic Minorities in China(V)
The support to and cooperation with the ethnic regional education from

In order to support the educational cause n ethnic regions, the country has organized the economically developed regions and schools inland to take multiple approaches to assist ethnic regional education and cooperate with these regions. A great number of teachers and university graduates from inland universities have been mobilized and assigned to work in ethnic regions. More than 100 universities inland have formulated partnerships with universities in Xinjian, Inner-Mongolia, Ningxia, Guangxi Tibet, Guizhou. Qinghai, Gansu provinces and autonomous regions. Through many types of assistance, such as the enrollment of ethnic students, provision of ethnic teachers' training, provision of lecturing by outstanding teachers from inland, sending experts to participate in the research programs in nationality universities and colleges, donation of teaching facilities and library materials and experience exchange and sharing, the inland universities have helped training the personnel in urgent need an improved school-running conditions and raised the teaching quality. Coordinating meetings geared at assisting Xinjiang between inland universities and universities in Xinjiang were held with the decision that 50 inland universities (more than 110 specialities would enroll 7000 students and train 800 teachers. Assistance to Tibet is a key project. Classes for Tibetan students in inland schools received 19444 students in total from 1985 to 1998 on an accumulated basis. In-job training has been provided for ethnic regional cadres and teachers by inland provinces and municipalities. some teachers of high caliber from inland have been selected and sent to work and provide guidance to the teaching in ethnic regional schools. Some projects which might be mutually benefiting have been developed in joint efforts. School enterprises have been built with the help of inland partners. Loans are also provided with the condition of paying interest by a deduction, so the also teaching equipment and library books. All these types of assistance by inland universities have brought along and promoted the reform and development of the educational cause in ethnic regions.


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