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Adult Education In China(II)


The main functions of China's adult education include:

1. to provide education and training of cultural knowledge, professional skills and practical ability for those who have become parts of the work force or those who may switch to new jobs and those job-seekers who have not met job requirements;

2. to provide literacy for the illiterates;

3. to continuously provide basic or higher education for those who have left formal schools, taking into considerations of their cultural basis and actual needs. Graduation Certificates are issued to those who are qualified;

4. to provide continuous education for those professional technical or management personnel who have received higher education, with the purpose of renewing and enriching their knowledge and enhancing their ability;

5. to conduct diversified education of social culture or living, activities such as elementary knowledge of law, health of women and children, health of senior citizens, family life, fine art/calligraphy, beauty care, cooking/nutrition, flower-planting etc.; to provide educational service of civilized, healthy, and scientific life-style for the elders, women and all citizens.


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