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Academy of Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology


  Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is listed as one of the 9 national "985 Project" universities which receive significant annual financial support and investment from the Central Government of China. In 2011, HIT has received an investment of over 1.9 billion RMB for science and research.

  The Academy of Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Sciences (AFIS), founded in 2005, is an endeavor of HIT to build the fundamental, interdisciplinary and cutting-edge disciplines, and works hard to create a free academic environment for cross-discipline integration. Till now, 14 research institutes have been built in the academy, including the Natural Science Research Center, the Bioinformatics and Genomic Science Research Center, the Nano Technology Research Center, the HyTech Research Ctenter, the Institute of Organic Chemistry, the Institute of Chemistry and Energy Material Innovation, the History of Science and Technology and Development Strategy Center, the Automotive Electronic Engineering Center, the High Performance Computing Center, the High-End Fault Tolerant Computer Testing Center, and so on. 75 projects supported by the National Natual Science Fund have been granted since 2009. A scientific research fund of over 40 million RMB was achieved in 2011.

  Members of the "National Thousand-elite Program", Changjiang Scholars, winners of the "National Outstanding Young Scientists Research Foundation" Award and other high-level talents  including excellent doctors and post doctorates graduating from world-class universities at home and abroad are wanted as teachers for the construction of the scientific research platforms of AFIS as are listed in the form, among which mathematics, astrophysics, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and history of science and technology.

  Talents who have already worked as assistant professors or above in world-renowned universities are qualified to apply the "Contract Professor" post, and are expected to work at AFIS for at least 3 months to establish corresponding research team and laboratories and to recruit post-graduates. Salaries should be paid by AFIS according to the working time and international salary standard set by universities at the same level.

  Policies are set by AFIS except for those established by the nation and the university to offer scientific research starting fund, setting-in allowance, housing subsidies, as well as other supports in scientific research, laboratory building, and living provided by the Discipline Construction Fund based on the needs for talents.


Research Centers Research Fields
Natural Science Research Center

1. Mathematics: various research directions in pure mathematics, statistics;

2. Physics: theoretical physics, atomic and molecular physics, astrophysics;

3. Chemistry: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry (theoretical chemistry);

4. History of science and technology.

Nano Technology Research Center Biology, energy, materials, environmental nano technology, polymer chemistry and physics;
other institutes Computer science and thechnology, conbustion science, aerodynamics.

  Qualification and Beneficial Treatments

  Detailed information can be found in the following website:


  Address: Rm. 519, Bldg. 2H, 2 Yikuang Str., Nangang Dist., Harbin, 150080, P.R. China

  Contact: Zhang Yifang


  Tel: 86-451-86402559

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