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Momentous application

CERNET2 supports the key applications of next-generation Internet that have the characteristics of bigger, faster, and more trustable, in time convenient and manageable, especially what today’s Internet can’t provide.

Compute grid, data grid: large-scale scientific computing
-To build compute grid that holds high performance computing resource and data grid that can store a large collection of data.
-To actualize the inter-grid data transmission with high capability and reliability
-To realize whole network distributed safe dealing, billing and auditing.
-To materialize the high performance transmission feature of next-generation Internet.
-To provide service to those important applications that feature of large scale, multistage distributed computing and data mining technique.

Large-scale video communications from point to point
-To provide end-to-end high performance transmission and wireless or mobile access service.
-To realize large scale point to point video communication.
-To fully incarnate broadband technical feature of next-generation Internet.
This application has a significant future.

Wireless or mobile application: intellectual come-and-go
-To set up wireless or mobile access network enabling the agility and convenient connection from information terminal units such as mobile phone, video phone, PDA to next-generation Internet.
-To actualize the intra-net roaming and provide the continuity and quality of service during the remotion, also to enable the long-distance control of different kinds of informational home machine.
-To work with Global Position System (GPS) to actualize the intellectual come-and-go.

Large-scale video meeting, high definition TV
-To build native multicast environment and provide quality of service control.
- To realize the large scale video conference and high definition TV over reliable network based on the multicast.
This is the typical interactive application that only the broadband and high performance next-generation Internet can support.

Environment monitoring and earthquake surveillance
-To connect all kinds of sensor devices using IPv6 addresses.
-To collect real-time data of diversified environment monitoring and earthquake surveillance.

Long-distance apparatus control, virtual reality
-To set up virtual reality environment that possesses the long-distance real-time control function.
-To realize long-distance apparatus control and virtual laboratory and the real-time long-distance information transfer with high reliability and security.
Unfold following aspects’ important demonstration:
-Connect good-sized apparatus to actualize the long-distance operation and control of those apparatus.
-Set up experimental and demonstrational environment concerning CAVE.
-Research trial and application of virtual reality.
-Advanced manufacture: make compositive use of next-generation Internet technique such as long-distance apparatus control and interactive cooperation to realize the cooperation design, advanced manufacture.
-Interactive cooperation design.
-Long-distance apparatus control.

Distance education, digital library
-To carry out distance teaching and tutorship based on interactive cooperation video-meeting technology.
-To realize school teaching review based on high definition video broadcast technology.
-To realize the needed study without concerning of time and space based on content based stream media retrieving.

-To carry out remote medicine treatment including safe and reliable transfer of medicine picture and video based on interactive cooperation video-conference technology.
-To realize the remote cooperation diagnoses and health inspection of people through all kinds of online body sensors based on IPv6.
-To realize comfortable digital life based on IPv6 and through safe, convenient, fast long-distance connection.


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