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Collective Structure

Backbone Network and Access Network
CERNET2 adopts backbone and access networks two-level structure, and the backbone is based on native IPv6.

CERNET2 backbone connects core nodes that distribute in 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou at a speed of 2.5~10Gbps. CERNET2 national network center located at Tsinghua university.

Access networks are mainly campus networks or investigation trial networks of scientific research units. Peking university, Tsinghua university and other more than 200 universities will be the first user group of CERNET2.

CERNET2 Core Nodes
More than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have set up point of presence of CERNET2 (GigaPoP). Every point provides high-speed IPv6 service to more than 10 access networks at a speed of 1~10Gbps, especially Beijing node can offer service to more than 30 access networks.

Domestic and International Inter-connection Point CNGI-6IX
In Tsinghua university China next-generation Internet domestic and international inter-connection point CNGI-6IX, provides connection to other domestic next-generation internet at a speed of 1~10Gbps, and realizes the international inter-connection with North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific internet at a speed of 45-155Mbps.



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