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Brief Introduction

CERNET2 is the largest next-generation Internet backbone which is the core network of the China next generation Internet demonstration project CNGI and is the only nationwide academic network, also it is so far the world's largest native IPv6 backbone.

CERNET2 will use CERNET’s nationwide DWDM transport network to connect all key research universities distributed in 20 cities around China with speed of 2.5~10Gbps, and will provide IPv6 connectivity to more than 200 universities and other institutions and R&D organizations,which will offer domestic and international Internet access via the exchange point CNGI-6IX.

CERNET2 backbone adopting the native IPv6 protocol provides a rich experimental environment for the next-generation Internet technique.  CERNET2 will also partly introduce the advanced IPv6 router that had been developed by local company and conferred the self-intellectual property. It will become the most important infrastructure for the advanced network technologies and killer applications of the next generation Internet, and it will be a big promotion of China’s next generation Internet development.

China Education and Research Network (CERNET) established in 1994 played a significant role in the development of China Internet as the first IPv4 nationwide Internet backbone. Under the leadership of Ministry of Education CERNET launched the investigation and experiment of next-generation Internet in 1998, resulting in the establishment of IPv6 test bed (CERNET-IPv6). In 2000, China first next-generation Internet NSFCNET and China next-generation exchange point DRAGONTAP were established in Beijing, which took part in the Internet organization on behalf of China and realized the interconnection with international next-generation Internet. In 2001, CERNET brought forward the program to construct nationwide next-generation Internet. In August 2003, CERNET2 program was brought into China next-generation Internet demonstration project CNGI which was confederative leaded by eight ministries and commissions including National Development and Reform Commission.

In October 2003, CERNET2 trial network connecting Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cities was in operation. On 15th January 2004, the largest international science Internet organization including Internet2, EU GEANT and China CERNET declared the simultaneous opening of global IPv6 next-generation Internet service to all over the world in Brussels, capital of Belgium and Europe Union HQ.
In December 2004, CERNET2 backbone opened and its PoPs are distributed in 20 cities with 10G transmission rate.



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