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China Central Radio and TV University(IV)
Teaching Resources and Process

The CCRTVU organizes RTVUs and up its teaching resources. It pays attention to the design of teaching and multimedia teaching package. While making full use of existing media, it also actively develops new teaching media, such as computer networks.


KTVUs pay attention to the management and control of their entire teaching process and make endeavours in the development and improvement of the quality control system adaptable to the open education. There have been formed a framework with the "Five Unities" as its core:: unified curriculums, unified syllabuses, unified textbooks, unified examinations and unified assessments. While making use of television, radio, computer networks and so on, efforts have been made in other forms of teaching and learning, such as self-study, tutorials, question-and-answers and practice. Evaluation for "Credited Examination Centres" implemented by Radio and TV Universities around China.


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