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China Central Radioand TV University(III)
Talent Training

To meet the state and local demands for economic and social development, RTVUs take an active position to offer various kinds of education and training. By 1999, the graduates have totaled as followed:
Graduates of 2-3 year college education: more than 2,600,000
Graduates of polytechnic schools: more than 1,000,000
Graduates of continuing education, in-service training and non-degree education: more than 35,000,000
Graduates of training for practical techniques for farming: tens of millions


Various levels
Various specifications
Various functions
Various forms

Reaching localities
Reaching countryside
Reaching grassroots
Reaching remote areas and ethnic minorities


Economics: Audition, Taxation, International Trade, Finance,

Law: Economic Law, General Law, Secretary Studies for Law, Senior Secretary Studies

Education: Moral and Political Studies, Teacher's Education for Primary Schools

Literature: Chinese Language and Literature, English Language, Media Studies, Advertising

History: History Studies

Sciences: Mathematics for Education

Technologies: Machinery Production Electric Engineering, Electronic Instruments and Measurement, Industrial Automation, Computer Application, Computer Application and Maintenance, Applied Electronic Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Industrial and Civil Architecture, Road and Bridge Construction, Irrigation and Hydroelectric Englineering, Chemistry Engineering and Technology, Refined Chemistry, Farm Products Processing
Agriculture: Planting, Breeding

Medical Sciences: Nursing

Management Sciences: Economic Information Management, Industrial and Commercial Business and Management, public Relations for Business, Tourism and Hotel Management, Real Estate Business and Management, Marketing, Accounting and Statistics, Financial Accounting, Administration Management, Industrial and Commercial Administration and Management, Educational Management, Township Management


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