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Physical Eudcation In China(III)
Educational institutions also actively carry out extra-curriculum activities of physical training, which form an important part of physical education and the extension and supplement to PE course. Laws and regulations concerning PE in educational insititutions stipulate that Chinese students should have no less than one hour of physical training £¨including class hour of PE course £© everyday, and that they should do morning exercises and setting-up exercises during class breaks, and arrange certain period of time for extra-curriculum physical training. Since l950s, China began to try out "Standards for Physical Training" and later on issued "National Standards for Physical Training", a regulatory document approved by the State Council. It motivates all students to actively participate physical training and tests. It is also closely related to the PE course and extra-curriculum activities of physical training£® An average of nearly 10 million students reaches the standards every year.

Extra-curriculum activities of physical training are varied and colorful£® Many events such as bodybuilding, dance, recreational sports, medico-healthcare and traditional sports events of national minorities are increasingly popular among students. Especially in recent years, many educational institutions in different regions organize hiking and travel programs for students, who walk in the natural surroundings of the homeland, exercise their body and delight heir heart. These activities are widely appreciated.


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