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Art Education In China(I)
Art Education China has the tradition of valuing art education in educational institutions. The third National Conference on Education since China adopted the policy of reform and open-up has once again included students' development in art into the national guidelines for education. In recent years, rapid progress has been achieved in art education in regular educational institutions. A scientific administrative system over art education has been formed covering all levels of the country. A series of guiding documents concerning art education has been issued£® The teaching structure of art education, inter-related between all stages from primary school, junior and senior secondary school to university, has taken an initial shape.

In 1986, Ministry of Education officially set up in its organizational structure Division of Art Education responsible for art education in educational institutions. In 1989, after institutional adjustment, Department of Social Sciences Research and Art Education was set up. In 1993, for the purpose of further regulating and straightening out the administrative system and exercising a more effective unified administration over art education, the Ministry set up the Department of Physical, Health and Art Education, Meanwhile, administrative unit was established accordingly in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. At present, in all provincial education commissions of the country, there is a special unit and full-time staff responsible for art education. In the majority of provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions, provision of staff and research staff in music and fine arts has also been accomplished at the prefecture of city level. An administrative network of art education has taken an initial shape in the country. In 1985, the Art Education Committee of the State Education Commission was also established, as a high-level consultative organization. It consists of well-known scholars and experts in art circles, and outstanding teachers of art education within the country. Education administration at provincial level has also set up its local art education committee.

In order to further strengthen scientific, institutional and regulatory administration over art education, Ministry of Education promulgated a series of guiding documents. In 1987, it worked out the first document on art education, namely the National Overall Program for Art Education in Schools£¨1989-2000£©, which was officially promulgated in 1989£® Based on the Program, in 1992, it issued another document called "National System of Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation on Art Education in Schools" £¨for trial £©£® In 1988, it issued the "Opinions on Popularization of Art Education in regular Institutions of Higher Education". In 1989, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture jointly formulated and promulgated the "Opinions on Strengthening Art Education for Children and Teenagers". In 1995, it worked out the "Opinions on Development and Reform of Teacher Training for Art Education in the Country"£® All these documents have set the objectives and laid down the theoretical basis for a healthy development of art education in China.


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