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Beijing Chiwest

Chiwest provides personalized application support. With our easy-to-use process, applying for a school in China is simple and fast. We provide free airport pick-up service in Beijing as well as hotel booking. Just follow the steps below and let Chiwest help you apply to study in China today.

Please note: While Chinese schools generally use Chinese in classrooms, there are a small number of programs conducted with English-language instruction (for example, medicine, software engineering, finance and other subjects). Other programs work on training Chinese-language skills first and then begin instruction on the subject itself.

You can also choose short-term Chinese study programs (16 weeks to 2 years) and then take the HSK test. You can begin work on your major after you’ve reached the Chinese proficiency required the school you’ve applied for.

Please note: After completing the application for a course, you can follow the same steps to apply for other courses. There is no limit to the number of applications you can fill out. It is strongly recommended that you apply for two or more different programs to ensure that you will be accepted into at least one program.

For more information about Chiwest’s services, visit their website at Their Study in China forum can be found at


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