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China strongly against 802.11i for spreading misinformation

China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Group said yesterday it strongly protested the American 802.11i standard organization and its agents for spreading false information, causing bias and prejudice against China's WAPI standard in the first track ballot, they have severely violated International Standard Organization (ISO)'s ethics and rules.

Prior to this, the ISO announced China's WAPI standard has failed to be voted as the new international standard.

The 802.11i standard organization provided some excuses to some national bodies for voting against China's WAPI standard.

Chinese government has issued circular to ISO headquarters and some national bodies, saying China will negotiate with ISO and its supervision bodies after the voting.

China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Group reiterates that WAPI is an advanced, safe and reliable security solution, while 802.11i has as many as hundreds of loopholes in technology.

During the fast track ballot, eights votes are for WAPI standard, 24 votes are for 802.11i standard, but it does not mean 802.11i has become international standard.

According to ISO rules, fast track ballot is a step in international standardization and will be followed by ballot resolution meeting and review by headquarters of ISO.


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