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News & Events
New Zealand international students decrease  2006-01-04
Chinese applications for US student visa to grow next year 2005-12-31
Sciences academy announces 51 new academicians 2005-12-19
HK signs aviation maintenance memo with Canada 2005-12-06
China Islamic Scripture College celebrates 50th anniversary 2005-12-06
China to send 7,000 students to study overseas in 2006 2005-12-06
Over 99% govt-sponsored overseas students returned in 2004 2005-12-02
Shenzhou - 6 Astronauts visited CUHK campus 2005-11-30
HK students win medals in China's Math Olympiad 2005-11-11
HKUST, Microsoft to launch PhD joint scheme on computer science 2005-11-07
HK university develops "automatic human face recognition system" 2005-10-09
Ethiopia finalizes preparations to construct 13 universities  2005-10-09
Elite Chinese university celebrates centennial anniversary 2005-09-27
First institute on Malaysian studies launched in east China university 2005-09-27
EU expands educational exchange program beyond frontier 2005-09-27
University drop-out rate on rise in Britain 2005-09-27
China grants huge financial assistance to poor students 2005-09-27
75 % of Chinese Universities Need Patent Application 2005-06-17
Chinese Ministry of Education Urges Campus Security 2005-06-17
China's First Sinology College Set Up in Renmin University 2005-05-31
Welcome The 2008 Games with Correct Bilingual Signs 2005-05-26
Tianjin College Sets up African Vocational Education Center 2005-05-25
China's Fudan University Confers Lee Kuan Yew Honorary Doctor's Degree 2005-05-19
China, Britain to Cooperate in Research on Corporate Social Responsibility 2005-05-12
Beijing, HK Universities to Establish Venture in Zhuhai 2005-04-25
China to Establish Reporting System for Public Emergency in School 2005-04-06
China Strengthens School Food Safety 2005-03-30
New Rule Forbids Using Students as "Cheap Workforce" 2005-03-29
Chinese University, Research Institutes Bid for Moon Rover Development Contract  2005-03-28
Xiamen University Offers One Million Yuan for Institute Director 2005-03-28
HK Scientists Awarded Senior Research Fellowships of Croucher Foundation 2005-03-18
First Human Right Course Debuts in China's University 2005-03-15
Hong Kong PolyU Confers University Fellowships on 13 Individuals 2005-03-01
Civilian Scientist to Teach in Military Institute 2005-03-01
Regulators Urge Banks to Help Needy Students 2005-02-28
Young Chinese Apply for Air Force Academies 2005-02-28
HKUST Business School Ranks World's No.25 2005-02-25
Party Institute Boosts Cooperation with British Council 2005-02-23
Nine Beijing-based High Schools to Open Branches Overseas 2005-02-21
Students Stayed on Campus to Save Money 2005-02-21
Taiwan's Colleges Woo Macao Students  2005-02-21
CUHK Brings New Initiatives to Broaden Students' Horizons 2005-02-05
HWL Donates Additional to Fund HK, Mainland Scholars Study in UK 2005-02-04
Students Banned from Joining in Commercial Activities in Vacation 2005-02-04
Millions of Poor Chinese Students to Receive Free Textbooks 2005-02-02
HKUST, USTB Strengthen Ties 2005-02-01
Colleges Urged to Prepare New Year's Eve Dinners for Needy Students 2005-02-01
Chinese, US Universities to Hold Environmental Seminar 2005-01-31
Financial Times: CEIBS Top-30 Business School Worldwide 2005-01-31
5 Chinese Students Shortlisted for Young Inventors Awards 2004  2005-01-24
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