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Science and Technology
China hikes sci-tech input by 19.2% 2006-03-10
22nd APAN Meeting in Singapore 2006-03-08
China's first Euro IV diesel engine debuts  2006-03-01
China to give more support to innovation of enterprises 2006-02-09
China issues national guidelines on sci-tech development program  2006-02-09
Ten major scientific and technological progresses in 2005 2005-12-29
First South American physics, maths center to be based in Argentina 2005-12-26
China, Europe to shape future patent cooperation  2005-12-06
China to develop own DVD format 2005-10-09
China to trial produce short-haul passenger jets ARJ-21 2005-09-27
China develops ion probe remote control system  2005-09-27
ROK to develop robots for battle  2005-09-27
Biped humanoid robot debuts in Beijing  2005-09-20
New Chinese version of Encyclopedia Britannica published 2005-09-08
China honors foreign scientists for contributions to China 2005-09-08
NASA's Deep Impact mission yields surprising sientific results  2005-09-07
Sands of Mars may hold reservoir of water  2005-09-07
China Invests More into Thermonuclear Reaction Study 2005-07-04
China to Build Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor  2005-07-01
Top Authorities Discuss Sci-Tech Development Program 2005-07-01
Chinese Infrared Missile Exhibited at Paris Air Show  2005-06-17
Chinese Media Select Top Ten Science Figures 2005-05-30
Chinese Scientists Map The Distribution of Chemical Elements 2005-05-25
International High-tech Expo Opens in Beijing 2005-05-24
Vice Premier Calls for Promoting Peaceful Use of Nuclear Power 2005-05-20
State Councilor Calls for Better Innovation Environment 2005-05-16
China Strengthens Research Cooperation with EU 2005-05-16
Science Publicity Drive Kicks Off in Macao 2005-05-16
China, EU See Over 400 Sci-tech Cooperation Programs 2005-05-16
New Maglev Makes Debut in Northeastern China 2005-05-13
China Maps out Science, Technology Development Plan 2005-05-12
1,700-year-old Fort Discovered in Anhui  2005-05-08
HK Establishes Laboratory to Develop Human-centric Technology 2005-05-08
China Wins 7, Indonesia 4 Golds in Asian Physics Olympiad 2005-05-08
Ten Prominent Figures in Science News Unveiled 2005-05-08
About 100 HK Applied Research Projects on Display 2005-05-08
Chinese, US Scientists Say Genetically Modified Rice Beneficial  2005-04-30
HK Scientists Win Int'l Award with AI Software 2005-04-30
Chinese, American Biochip Makers form Strategic Partnership 2005-04-30
Beijing Sci-tech Fair to Be on Month's Later 2005-04-27
CAS Warrants Technology to Top Game Provider 2005-04-20
China Commemorates World Year of Physics 2005-04-18
Smart Plastics with Changeable Shape Developed 2005-04-15
An Utterly New Technology Applied along Qinghai-Tibet Railway 2005-04-14
China, Germany Cooperate in Nanotechnology  2005-04-14
China Lags Behind Developed World in Patent Application 2005-04-11
Scientific Circle Strives to Enhance Innovation Capability 2005-04-08
China Lags behind Developed Countries in Research Innovation 2005-04-08
World's Largest Nuclear Engineering Group Stresses Cooperation with China 2005-04-07
Top Science Official Stresses Scientific Innovation 2005-04-04
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