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Medicine and Health Care
World Health Organization(WHO) establishes lab in China  2006-03-10
Coffee may increase heart attack risk in slow caffeine metabolizers 2006-03-10
Bulgaria, Italy experts research on vaccine against AIDS, tuberculosis 2006-03-10
Japanese scientists develop new blood test device  2006-03-10
Human trials begin for anti-HIV drug  2006-02-24
Australian scientists create "man-made" human prostate  2006-02-24
Canada investigates possible mad cow case 2006-01-23
S.Korean scientist apologizes, hints at conspiracy  2006-01-13
Shenzhen scientists find 11 blood type genes  2006-01-10
Chinese scientists blaze trail in fight against cancer  2005-12-27
Bird flu virus resistance not a cause for alarm 2005-12-26
China develops 1st live vaccine against bird flu 2005-12-26
HK claims breakthrough in safer stem cell transplantation 2005-12-06
France performs first face transplant 2005-12-02
IBM announces AIDS research with World Community Grid 2005-11-25
Lessons from 1918 flu will help tackle future pandemic 2005-11-25
Bird flu human vaccine ready for clinical tests 2005-11-18
International meeting opens on fight aginst avian flu virus  2005-11-11
Singapore takes biomedical science as growth engine 2005-11-07
Two Australians win Nobel prize in medicine 2005-10-09
China develops typing reagent of hematopoietic stem cell 2005-09-27
New cure for leukemia 2005-09-27
2006 governmental forum on traditional medicines to be held in Beijing 2005-09-27
China, India should step up cooperation in traditional medicine 2005-09-27
Risk governance helps human prevent epidemics  2005-09-27
Green tea ingredient protects brain against Alzheimer's disease 2005-09-27
China's phase one AIDS vaccine trial nears end 2005-09-19
Myanmar to seek alternative anti-disease aid  2005-09-16
Traditional Chinese medicine conference to open 2005-09-16
Indonesian researcher finds herbal formula to curb bird flu 2005-09-16
Safety of home-made HIV vaccine initially testified 2005-09-13
HK Researchers Find Cause for HGPS 2005-07-01
Regional Forum, Exhibition for Chinese Medicine Concludes in Macao 2005-06-24
Chinese, European Scientists Find Anti-SARS Medicine 2005-06-20
HK Experts Find Effective Therapy for Bronchiectasis 2005-05-20
China AIDS Vaccine Begins Human Test 2005-05-17
Chinese, Western Medicine Compared in Treating Drug Addiction 2005-05-17
Clinical Test of Self-developed AIDSVaccine Enters 2nd Phase 2005-05-16
Coronary Virus Mutates Quickly in Suspect SARS Virus Carrier Civet Cat 2005-05-09
Brain Surgery for Eliminating Drug Addiction Strictly Controlled 2005-05-08
Beijing to Establish Animal Epidemic Disease Prevention Center 2005-05-08
Breakthrough Made in Anti-SARS Medicine 2005-04-30
Researchers Find Effects of Fat in Brain, Heart 2005-04-18
Plan for SARS Diagnosis Initially Fulfilled 2005-04-14
Chinese, US Scientists Find A New Way against AIDS Virus' Reproduction 2005-04-08
Anti-cancer TCM Gains FDA Approval for Clinical Use 2005-04-06
Chinese AIDS Vaccine Testers in "Sound" Condition 2005-04-01
Research Shows Chinese Acupuncture Can Lower Blood Pressure 2005-03-30
Researchers Find New Ways to Interrupt AIDS Virus' Replication 2005-03-29
China Issues First Certificates for Professional Psychologists 2005-03-22
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