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Life Science
Yunnan University sets up largest gene bank of Chinese minority ethnic groups 2006-01-04
Biotech prepares for rapid expansion  2005-09-15
China Decodes 3D Structure of Mitochondrial Respiratory Membrane Protein 2005-07-04
China Issues 176 Safety Certificates for Genetically Modified Organisms 2005-06-24
Cloned Goat Celebrates 5th Birthday 2005-06-24
China Ratifies Protocol on Biosafety 2005-05-20
New Evidence Challenges Hypothesis of Modern Human Origins 2005-04-30
China Participates in Outlining "Gene Map"  2005-04-22
Chinese Scientists Decode Brain Ciphers 2005-04-15
Human Tissues Can Be "Batch-produced' in More Than 10 Years: Scientist 2005-03-24
World's First Buffalo Cloned from Somatic Cells Born 2005-03-21
Geneticist Urges Law to Regulate Use of Test-tube Technology 2005-03-07
Chinese Scientists Grow Embryonic Stem Cells to Motor Neurons 2005-02-01
China Tightens Control over Assisted Reproductive Technology 2005-01-31
US Researchers Discover Fat Gene 2005-01-20
Chinese, Britain to Start DNA Analysis of 2,500-year-old Horses  2005-01-11
Cow Calf Born to China's First Cow Cloned from Frozen Cells 2004-12-30
Sex Control Realized in Dairy Cow Embryo Transplantation  2004-11-17
Embryo Transplant to Preserve Wild Yaks Launched in Tibet 2004-11-02
China's First Liver Cell Transplant Successful 2004-11-02
China Attaches Importance to Proteomic Research  2004-11-01
Third Human Proteome Organization Annual World Congress Closed 2004-10-29
Third HUPO Annual World Congress Opens: Decoding Proteins  2004-10-26
China Approves Commercialization of 'Artificial Skin' 2002-06-07
China Establishes Bone Marrow Data Bank 2002-04-27
Frozen Cattle Embryos Take to Chinese Highlands 2002-04-08
One of Newborn Quintuplets Unwell 2002-03-22
Test-Tube Baby Technology Should Be Popularized: Doctor 2002-03-11
Chinese Experts Report Breakthrough in Calve Cloning 2002-03-11
Seven Cloned Calves Remain Alive in China 2002-02-21
World Symposium on Human Genome to be held in China 2002-01-29
Genetic Resources Databank Inaugurated in Beijing 2002-01-25
Abnormal Structure May Have Caused Death of China's First Cloned Calf: Experts  2002-01-25
China's Second Cloned Calf Doing Well  2002-01-25
Rare Blood Type Documented in South China 2002-01-07
China Sets Up Diversified Pig DNA Bank 2002-01-07
China's First Two Skin-cell Cloned Calves in Good Condition  2001-12-10
Genome Technology Solves Prawn Genetic Code  2001-12-10
"Test-tube-baby" Technology Control Tightened  2001-12-07
Chinese Scientists Make Progress in Stem Cell Research 2001-12-07
Chinese Scientists Isolate Gene for Genetic Dental Disease 2001-12-07
Embryo Cloning Crosses Moral Line  2001-11-30
Chinese Government, Scientists Oppose Human Cloning  2001-11-30
Chinese, French Experts Call for Int'l Ban on Human Cloning  2001-11-28
Breakthrough Achieved, Organ from Stem Cell Dublicated  2001-11-22
China Succeeds in Duplicating Organ from Stem Cell  2001-11-19
Second Cloned Cow Was Born in Shandong  2001-11-08
Two Loned Calves Milk Limelight  2001-11-08
China's Cloned Calf in Good Condition  2001-11-07
Chinese Scientists Sequence Genome of Pathogenic Microbes  2001-10-31
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