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IT Report
Intel to luanch "Intel Core" processors July 2006  2005-12-02
EU to launch top-level domain ".eu"  2005-12-02
Mobile phone in Tibetan language formally put in use 2005-11-25
America hammering out "world digital library" 2005-11-25
Microsoft aims for super computing  2005-11-18
IBM Blue Gene/L remains world's fastest supercomputer  2005-11-18
Google introduces Chinese photo management software 2005-09-27
All Google's CN domain names registered by others 2005-09-27
Survey shows slowing high-speed Internet penetration in US 2005-09-27
Air Bus to offer mobile service and Internet accession on board  2005-09-27
MSN search service to be available for mobile phone users  2005-09-20
ADI Sets Foot in China's 3G Market  2005-07-01
China-made Chips to Be Embedded in TVs 2005-07-01
HK Science Museum to Showcase Eight Giant Robot Animals 2005-06-24
E-game Industry Soars in China 2005-06-24
Google Gets Nod to Set up Branch in China 2005-06-17
China's Information Industry Faces Best Opportunities: Official 2005-05-25
Artificial Breeding of Endangered Bighead Fish Succeeds in NW China 2005-05-23
China to Use 3G Technology for Mobile Telecom Before 2008: Minister 2005-05-20
China's 1st IPTV License Open for Broadcasters, Telecom Operators 2005-05-19
Beijing to Host China Int'l Software Expo in June 2005-05-19
China Has 98.8 Million Internet Users 2005-05-16
1st License Issued for IP Video Service 2005-05-12
China's Software Industry Lacks Strength to Move On, Survey 2005-05-09
Chinese-made CPU Chip Equivalent to Pentium III 2005-04-20
Web TV Users Reach 2 Million in China 2005-04-11
"Chinese-standard" 3G Handsets to Debut at April End 2005-04-08
Chinese Software Recommended to Beninese Schools 2005-04-07
China to Upgrade Mechanism for Safer Internet 2005-04-04
Mathematician Decodes Two Int'l Cipher Systems 2005-03-30
Chinese 3G Standard to Be Industrialized Soon 2005-03-29
Chinese Software Purchased by Foreign Government 2005-03-28
Chinese Academy of Sciences to Build Research Networks 2005-03-23
Chinese Researchers Make Breakthrough in Codebreaking 2005-03-16
Beijing Haidian Park Developed Digital Audio-Visual Coding Chip  2005-03-10
Cell Phone Map Debuts in Shenzhen 2005-03-04
China Develops New AV chip 2005-03-04
Linux Developers from China, Japan to Cooperate 2005-03-03
First China Open Source Software Week Held in China 2005-03-03
New Computer Virus Disguised As "Sent Failed" E-mail Message 2005-02-25
TV Mobile Phones Facing Barriers in China 2005-02-21
China to Make Its First State Informatization Strategy 2005-02-02
Mobile Maker Develops China's First Fingerpass Mobile Phone 2005-01-31
China Considers Frequency Standard 2005-01-28
Chinese Software Project Managers to Be Trained in India 2005-01-28
First China-designed Digital TV Chip Passes Appraisal 2005-01-24
China Develops First Digital TV Chip with Own IPR 2005-01-24
HK Biometric Passports Set for 2007 2005-01-19
China Vows to Further Software Cooperation with Ireland 2005-01-19
New Internet Virus Shows up as Andy Lau 2005-01-18
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