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China leads in research of genetically modified plants  2005-12-06
World's potatoes originate in Peru: study  2005-10-09
China breeds new strain of high-yield hybrid sticky rice  2005-09-15
Desertification defense line takes shape 2005-09-13
Chinese, Japanese Scientists Raise "Super Rice"  2005-07-05
Intel to luanch "Intel Core" processors July 2006  2005-12-02
EU to launch top-level domain ".eu"  2005-12-02
Mobile phone in Tibetan language formally put in use 2005-11-25
America hammering out "world digital library" 2005-11-25
Microsoft aims for super computing  2005-11-18
Yunnan University sets up largest gene bank of Chinese minority ethnic groups 2006-01-04
Biotech prepares for rapid expansion  2005-09-15
China Decodes 3D Structure of Mitochondrial Respiratory Membrane Protein 2005-07-04
China Issues 176 Safety Certificates for Genetically Modified Organisms 2005-06-24
Cloned Goat Celebrates 5th Birthday 2005-06-24
Shenzhen scientists find 11 blood type genes  2006-01-10
Chinese scientists blaze trail in fight against cancer  2005-12-27
Bird flu virus resistance not a cause for alarm 2005-12-26
China develops 1st live vaccine against bird flu 2005-12-26
HK claims breakthrough in safer stem cell transplantation 2005-12-06
Malaysia needs to develop nuclear energy 2005-09-27
China Sends 1,000-odd Cadets Pverseas 2005-04-11
China's Army Marches on Satisfied Stomach 2005-03-25
PLA Adopts Computerized Exercise Assessment System 2005-03-21
Military Units, Individuals Involved in Space Program Awarded 2005-01-27
Ten major scientific and technological progresses in 2005 2005-12-29
First South American physics, maths center to be based in Argentina 2005-12-26
China, Europe to shape future patent cooperation  2005-12-06
China to develop own DVD format 2005-10-09
China to trial produce short-haul passenger jets ARJ-21 2005-09-27
Giant panda originates from Wu Mountain  2005-11-25
China, Switzerland to cooperate in research of disaster emergency system 2005-09-27
China's first round-the-globe oceanic research cruise makes progress 2005-09-27
Study says global hurricanes are getting stronger  2005-09-16
Global warming aggravates natural disasters 2005-09-13
First orbiting Galileo navigation satellite speeds up China-Europe space cooperation 2005-12-29
Russia puts navigation satellites into space 2005-12-26
Launching Chang'e-1 in 2007 not a problem 2005-11-30
China joins Galileo space-based application projects  2005-11-18
China plans to put three men in space by 2007  2005-11-07
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