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Shanghai Maritime University's Recruitment for Specially-Appointed Professors (Oriental Scholars)

In compliance with the Opinions on Implementing the Plan for Recruiting Specially-Appointed Professors (Oriental Scholars) for Shanghai’s Universities (for Trial Implementation issued by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Science and Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Maritime University invites high-level experts to apply for posts in various disciplines or specialties. Here is the detailed information:

I. SMU Profile

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management. The university has more than 15,000 full-time students. It enjoys cooperation and exchanges with universities, international organizations, and port and shipping enterprises of nearly 30 countries and regions.

The SMU new campus at the New Harbor City covers an area of 2,000 mu (or 133 hectares). By relying on shipping, utilizing Shanghai’s resources, serving the whole country and reaching out to the world, SMU will give full play to the special features and advantages of its disciplines and specialties and aim at becoming a world-class maritime university.

II. Posts Offered by These Disciplines or Specialties

1.Vehicle Operation Engineering,
2. Transport Planning and Management, 

III. Targets and Responsibilities

A Specially-Appointed Professor is expected to achieve the following objectives in discipline development and research projects:

1. Proposing strategic, far-sighted and creative research concepts, leading the team to maintain a nationally advanced level in the frontier area of the discipline, and then approach, reach or even surpass the world’s advanced levels;

2. Striving to obtain and guide major state or municipal research projects that meet the state strategic requirements, promote regional industrial or economic development, and stand at the front of the world’s science and technology; conducting original research on major theoretical or practical issues, solving  key issues, and scoring significant achievements in original research;

3. Leading and improving the team of the discipline, forming an innovative team to conduct teaching and research, and teaching the core courses of the discipline.

IV. Qualifications

(I) The applicants are supposed to be academically advanced, with research achievements recognized by domestic and foreign experts in the same fields. They should have innovative concepts and strategic thinking, have the ability to lead their disciplines to approach, maintain or surpass the internationally advanced levels, be good at teamwork, be devoted to the work, have the necessary organizing, managing and leading qualities, be good at training young people, attach importance to the development of the discipline team, and be able to guide the team in making innovations and solving key issues. 

(II) The applicants must meet these requirements:

1. They must have a doctoral degree, being engaged in actual research and teaching, though the requirements for the doctoral degree may be lowered if an applicant is especially outstanding or urgently needed;

2. Applicants from overseas or returning from abroad are normally expected to have assumed a position not lower than Assistant Professorship and equivalent positions.

3. Domestic applicants (not including personnel moving between Shanghai’s universities and research institutes, who are not to be funded by this scheme) must have full professorship or equivalents, and have worked as visiting scholars for a minimum of two consecutive years in a high-level overseas university or research institute during the past five years; or they worked as a technological expert or a manager in a well-known overseas multinational corporation or enterprise for a minimum of three consecutive years. Those who have obtained or are willing to obtain Shanghai’s Permanent Residence will be given more favorable consideration. 

4. Applicants for research in science and engineering should be no more than 40 (counting on the basis of January 1 of the year of application); and applicants for research in liberal arts and social science should be no more than 45, though the age limit requirements may be relaxed in the case of especially outstanding or urgently needed experts.

5. A Specially-Appointed Professor must work full-time at SMU during the three years of employment.

V. Salaries and Benefits

1. A Specially-Appointed Professor (Oriental Scholar) has a term of employment of three years, and is granted a fund of 400,000-600,000 yuan per post by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, including an annual personal allowance of 100,000 yuan. SMU will match the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission fund with the same amount of money.

2. Te Specially-Appointed Professor must use the funds according to the financial stipulations. In the case of those who have already obtained Shanghai’s Permanent Residence (including those with only the Residing Certificate), SMU will provide them with salary, insurance, benefits and the following supports (in addition to the afore-mentioned funds):
(1) A fund to start research: 1,500,000 yuan in science and engineering; and 500,000 yuan in the arts and social science.
(2) An apartment of more than 120 square meters on the SMU new campus in the New Harbor City. After ten years’ employment, the ownership of the apartment will be transferred to the Specially-Appointed Professor; and in the case the Professor leaves SMU before ten years of employment, SMU provides an accommodation subsidy of 100,000 yuan for each year of employment. 
(3) SMU provides a free temporary apartment near the SMU old campus (within two years).

VI. Application Documents Needed

1. Prior to Oct 31, 2008, the applicant may contact the Personnel Division of Shanghai Maritime University and Providing certificates of education and degree, certificates of professional or technical titles and copies of evidence of academic levels (including monographs, articles, certificates of awards, patents, research projects, academic titles, etc.) 

VII. Application Procedure

Applicants may contact the SMU Personnel Department via telephone, letter or email.

VIII. Contact Us:

Mailing Address:Personnel Department, Shanghai Maritime University, 1550, Pudong Dadao, Shanghai,
Postal Code:200135
Persons to Contact: Ms. Li; Ms. Feng
Fax: 8621-58854966


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