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Professorships for Cheung Kong Scholar's Program, Southwest Jiaotong University

  Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU), with an institutional history over 110 years, is situated in the city of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, known as Heavenly Kingdom of Abundant Wealth. Until now, it has produced such striking figures as Mao Yisheng and Zhu Kezheng, in addition to more than 40 Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). It is now a key university affiliated to the Ministry of Education, and was also one of the first group of institutions in China that had been officially admitted into the 211 Project. With a sophisticated system of institutions that covers the Graduate School, more than 20 colleges, 6 national key disciplines and 55 PhD programs, it is now on its way to the construction of a high-level university typical of academic research that would most feature the university with interdisciplinary harmony covering such disciplines as engineering, science, management, economics, arts, law, agriculture and medicine, though still with its focus on engineering. Now, in terms of the Regulations for the Cheung Kong Scholar's Program and the Promotion Project for Creative Teams approved by the Ministry of Education, SWJTU has been officially granted the right to appoint Cheung Kong Scholars and Lecture Professors, and the chances are now open to all applicants both at home and abroad.

  *Have a PhD and be younger than 45 (with exceptions in such disciplines as social sciences and humanities, but no older than 50 in principle); be a full professor for domestic applicants or academically equivalent to a full professor as those in SWJTU for overseas applicants;
  *Be of great learning and scholarship with established achievements universally acknowledged;
  *Be capable of teaching doctoral courses related to the disciplines concerned;
  *Have creative and strategic ideas for the leadership of State-funded projects of key importance, or capable of opening up new fields in the disciplines relevant, keeping on the leading edge and superseding the scholarship of the disciplines at the international level;
  *Have a reasonable mind, critical eyes, friendly personality and productive creativity;
  *Be capable of working at least nine months annually for Cheung Kong Scholars and three months for Lecture Professors.

  Key Disciplines for Application and Their Research Subjects:

Recruitment disciplines

Study fields

Transportation vehicles application engineering

1. Locomotive structure and system dynamics 2. Structural reliability and safety of vehicle operation 3. Locomotive testing and control technology.

Vehicle engineering

1. Locomotive design and theory 2.  System dynamics and control 3. Safety of vehicle operation 4. Interaction between locomotive and track/bridge

Machinery design theory

1. Modern design method and theory 2. Tribology and surface engineering 3.Choas theory and dynamic simulation for machinery system, 4. Virtual reality technology

Bridge and tunnel engineering

1. Nonlinear analysis theory of large-span bridge 2. Dynamics of vehicle-bridge coupled vibration of high-speed railway 3. Structure design and analysis theory, and construction technology of modern tunnels and bridges.

Road and railway engineering

1. Track dynamics and high-speed heavy-load track structure 2. Subgrade dynamics and railway geotechnology 3. Modern railway reconnaissance and design technology, and macro-policies; 4. Railway engineering disaster prevention and safety technology

Electric system and automation

1. Comprehensive automation system for remote traction power-transmission station of high-speed railway 2. Electrified railway harmonic wave comprehensive harnessing 3.FACTS technological theory and experiment of power system 4.Electrified railway comprehensive testing technology.

Traffic and transportation planning and management

1. Traffic and transportation planning 2. Traffic and transportation system engineering 3. Transportation marketing 4. Engineering of physical distribution 5. Intelligent transportation system and management 6. Traffic and transportation decision-making supportive system

Transport information engineering and control

1. Vehicle mobile communication 2. Traffic control technology 3. Traffic information network 4. Information transmission and disposal

Material science and engineering

1.Superconduct materials and application 2.Biomedical materials  3. High-performance structural materials

4.Composite materials


1. Strength, damage and failure in solids 2. Modern nonlinear dynamics 3. High-speed shock dynamics 4. Computational fluid dynamics

Business administration

1. Finance 2. Accounting 3.Marketing 4.Operation management  5.Decision-making and management economics

  Payment & Facilities: 
  *All the applicants, if offered the position of Cheung Kong Scholar, are eligible for an allowance of RMB 100,000 per annum provided by the Cheung Kong Scholar's Program. In addition, other benefits, including salary or allowances amounting to the local professors at this university, are available when the appointees have commenced their duties. Any applicant, if offered the position of Lecture Professor, is eligible for an allowance of RMB 15,000 per month, paid only in terms of his/her office time.
  *Available, too, are excellent accommodations for teaching or research work, and TA or RA if necessary. The research fund is also possible if in need.
  *Available, too, is an allowance of RMB 80,000 for settling-in.

  *A copy of personal details that, among other things, should cover your study and working experiences; and copies of documents and certificates that suffice to prove your potential for the position supposed.
  *A list of achievements (including research projects, publications, patents, prizes, affiliations, conference papers or invited speeches, etc.).
  *A proposal for the post for which you are applying.

  *The three copies afore-mentioned should be sent to:
  Li Li
  Personnel Office
  Southwest Jiaotong University
  Chengdu, Sichuan 610031, P.R.China

  *Tel.: (0086-028)87600200



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