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Intel to luanch "Intel Core" processors July 2006

With the birth of "Intel Core" processors in July, 2006, the life of "Pentium", a brand used for 12 years, will come to an end. By then differences between processor for desktop and that for mobile application will no longer exist.

Intel will launch dual-core chips using 65nm process technology code-named Merom and Conroe in Q3 2006, according to PC Watch. The two chips, designed for mobile and desktop application respectively, are NetBurst-based.

In addition, Intel may also launch single-core Merom and Conroe, which may give birth to brands "Intel Core Solo" and "Intel Core Duo". Intel will add codes such as E, T, L, and U in the models of the chips, which stand for their power consumption, because Meorm and Conroe are more focused on the power saving capability rather than the clock speed.

People's Daily Online

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