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Biped humanoid robot debuts in Beijing

At the exhibition featuring national scientific and technological achievements during the Tenth Five-Year period opened in Beijing on Sep.18, a biped humanoid robot debuted for the first time. The human-sized robot did shadowboxing and sword performance at the exhibition, attracting numerous visitors. It is the first time that homemade humanoid robot successfully imitated complex human actions. The robot is named "Huitong", 1.6 metre in height and 63 kg in weight.

Li Kejie, professor-in-chief with Beijing Institute of Technology and participator of the Tenth Five-Year and 863 Plan "Biped Humanoid Robot Technique and System" sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, said that "Huitong" is a humanoid robot capable of seeing, holding conversation and sensible to physical strength and balance. With the success of "Huitong", China becomes the second country following Japan that possesses the technology integrating organs, control, sensors and power supply.


People's Daily Online

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