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Architectural Exhibition Shows HK Students' Idealized Vision

How would an industrial buildinglook like after being face-lifted? What will be the result of combining traditional Chinese culture and modern architecture? Answers for these questions could be found in an architectural work exhibition which opened here on Friday.

Design projects representing students' idealized visions of thebuilt-environment of Hong Kong have been put on display for the general public at the annual architectural exhibition at the University of Hong Kong.

The exhibits range from new urban experience, media transformation, spiritual retreats or idealization of places for pleasure, work and community. They are ideological expressions of students and also challenges to the conventional approach for the original structures.

"My design suggests the construction of a bun tower and an art workshop at Cheung Chau which I think can push ahead with the cultural exchange between residents and visitors at that place," said Tony Ip, a year five architectural student.

"Bun scrabbling" competition is a traditional custom in Hong Kong which was recently revitalized. A large number of people wereattracted to Cheung Chau where the competition took place to join in the fun.

Ip expressed his hope that his design would help increase visitors' knowledge about the traditional custom and made Cheung Chau a place of cultural exchange rather than a commercialized tourist site.

At another corner of the exhibition hall, an industrial building of innovative and design was displayed, grabbing the attention of visitors.

That was the masterpiece of Clarence Lau, who also studied yearfive at the department of architecture of the university.

"I chose to change the design of the massive old building rather than reconstructing it drastically as this can save a lot of money and manpower, and the original area could be used again for other purposes," said Lau.

Many of the projects reflect students' concern about high density living of urban metropolises, as well as their determination to tackle environmental problems while maintaining sustainability and conservation.

With their subtle mind, architectural students were able to getnew inspirations from their surroundings and a series of fine and interesting design projects were resulted.

Professor David P. Y. Lung, Head of Department of Architecture of the university said the projects featuring at the exhibition represent the fruits of five years of learning at the University.

With over half a century of educational excellence, the department demonstrates its continued commitment to promote publicawareness on architectural education and discourse in Hong Kong, added he.

Also on display are student projects that have won prizes in various international competitions, which has become a tradition of achievements and excellence for the Department.


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