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Meteorologists Mobilized to Cope with Severe Flood, Droughts

The provincial meteorologist heads across China convened Friday to discuss measures to cope with increasing flood and droughts across the country.

Qin Dahe, head of China Meteorological Administration, said that the two rain belts will slash both the rainy south and the relatively arid north. The flood season will likely result in both severe droughts and flooding, both which will result in a bad harvest.

Meteorologists observatories across the country should work to provide timely and accurate weather information for the public, especially near reservoirs, big rivers and lakes, Qin said.

China has received more than average rainfall beginning in May. The southern China began its flood season earlier than the previous years. Some parts of the country, including middle Hunan, middle Jiangxi and northern Guizhou, received about 90 to 150 percent more rain than in the previous years, Qin said.

About 300 counties across 20 provinces have been hit by rainstorms, hail and lightning since May. Meanwhile, frost and snowstorms plagued northwestern China.

Though most parts in the southern China are soaked in rain, Yunnan and Hainan provinces have been experienced droughts.

China's flood season usually lasts from June to August. The latest severe climate-related disaster claimed 106 lives and left three missing in Shalan Township in Ning'an, a city in northeastern China's Heilongjiang Province, according to Friday's statistics.


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