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17 Ancient Tombs Found in N. China

Seventeen ancient tombs believed to be built in the Warring States Period (403 BC.- 221 BC.) were found in a recent rescue excavation at an express highway construction site in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Nearly at the same place, an ancient village dating back 4,000 years was also discovered by the experts, who are from a research institute on archaeology of the autonomous region.

They were surprised by the unique burial style. Bodies were putin jars, pots or basins and then buried in tombs in nearby Chenjiaying Village in Chifeng's Songshan District.

Axes, stone adzes and stone spades, along with some pottery andpotsherd were unearthed from the village located in a Xiajiadian village site.

The tombs and the village were exposed when the express highwayconnecting Chifeng and Tongliao, another city in the autonomous region, were being built.

The excavation is expected to be finished in approximately three months, according to experts.


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