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Scientists Find Enols as Intermediates in Hydrocarbon Oxidation

The research group led by professor Qi Fei at Anhui Province-based University of Science and Technology of China have found with scientists of the United States and Germany for the first time enols as important intermediates in the hydrocarbon oxidation. Their findings have been published in Science on May 12.

Research shows, incomplete oxidation plays an important role in the application of oxidation mechanism of hydrocarbon. For example, the gas chemical reaction in fuel cells is mainly an incomplete oxidation process. The products of incomplete oxidation are the main source of air pollution nowadays.

Previous research has never dealt with enols. The result of the latest experiment will correct the existing oxidation model of hydrocarbon, providing new strategies for the simulation of the incomplete oxidation in fuel cells and in supercritical water, as well as for controlling pollutants produced in combustion.

Peoples Daily

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