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China to Measure Qomolangma with Radar Detector

In 2005 China is to measure the height of the Qomolangma again, this time with a deep ice radar detector, said Sun Zhanyi, senior engineer at the National Geomatics Center, at the base camp. This is the firs time that China has used a deep ice & snow radar detector to measure the depth of snow at the top of the Qomolangma.

Measuring the depth of ice and snow at the top of the Qomolangma will be very significant for accurately measuring the height of the Qomolangma. According to sources China tries to measure the height up to the rocks at the top of the Qomolangma after accurately measuring the depth of snow at the Qomolangma top.

To make the measuring more accurate and more scientific apart from the deep ice radar detector China will also use the advanced GPS measuring system. Meanwhile it will coordinate the teams of professional climbers and mapping specialists and bring the equipment up to the top of the Qomolangma for measuring.

Peoples Daily

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