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S. China City to Build First Water Delivery Room

South China's Guangdong Province will build its first water delivery room, a new facility that helps shorten labor and ease delivery, in Guangzhou, the provincial capital,

The delivery room will be equipped with a delivery pool, which contains disinfected water with constant temperature, and a home-like room for pre-delivery rest. The delivery room will cost millions of yuan to build.

Because the water in the delivery pool is similar to the amniotic fluid in the womb, the woman will have loose muscles. For this reason, underwater delivery will shorten the period of delivery and produce less injury to newborns, said Zhang Xiaozhuang, president of the Guangzhou Provincial Health Center for Women and Children.

The underwater delivery room is expected to receive patients in the later half of this year. The medical cost for each delivery is little more than the price for a caesarean operation, Zhang added.

China's first underwater delivery room was built in Shanghai in 2003. More than 100 mothers had given birth in the water delivery room.

Peoples Daily

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