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China Sends 1,000-odd Cadets Pverseas

Chinese military explores new channels of personnel training and has attracted more than 30,000 PhD and master degree holders. Together it has sent 1,000-odd cadets to 29 countries to study.

According to People's Daily the Chinese military's new thinking to implement personnel strategic project is orientation to the world and exploring new channels of personnel training and supporting military personnel training with the help of broader exterior environment and international resources.

In recent years the Chinese military has systematically organized investigation tours abroad by division and brigade leaders of combat units, and increased the number of cadets to study abroad. Academic institutions such as the PLA Military Academy conduct broad academic exchange with overseas military academies. Nineteen military schools have established inter-school exchange relations with counterpart schools in 25 countries including the United States and Russia. Recently more than 100 Chinese leaders of divisions and brigades have successfully completed their tour abroad to investigate military training and management in four groups. The delegation was formed by leaders from the army, navy and air force, including motorized infantry brigadiers, division commanders of mechanized troops, brigadiers of artillery force, navy detachment commanders, air defense brigadiers and brigadiers of missile troops of the air force etc. As learned it was the first time in China that so many chief leaders have been abroad on an investigation tour.

In 2003 the Central Military Commission issued the Plan for Implementing Military Personnel Strategic Project. Since then personnel training has exhibited an opening up pattern. Currently in China's military system more than 90 percent of army, division and regiment leaders have a junior college education level or above. All the forefront pilots have a university education level. All the forefront naval captains are graduates from professional academies. Almost all the technical military leaders in the PLA Second Artillery Forces have a university degree or above.

Peoples Daily

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