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Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Article 66 Anyone who violates the provisions of the Education Law in conducting higher education shall be punished according to the relevant provisions of the Education Law.

Article 67 Individuals from outside the territory of China who meet the conditions prescribed by the State and who have completed the necessary formalities may enter higher education institutions in China to pursue their studies and research, to conduct academic exchange or to teach, and their lawful rights and interest shall be protected by the State.

Article 68 For purposes of this Law, higher education institutions are universities, independent colleges, and specialized higher education schools, including higher vocational schools and higher education schools for adults.

Other higher education organizations referred to in this Law are organizations engaged in higher education other than the higher education institutions and the research institutes approved to provide graduate program.

The provisions of this Law regarding higher education institutions are applicable to other higher education organizations and the research institutes approved to provide graduate program, except the provisions that are applicable specially to higher education institutions.

Article 69 This Law shall go into effect as of January 1, 1999.

National People's Congress

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