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New Project for Internet Expansion in E. China
    The provincial government of east China's Jiangsu province recently launched a new project to give Internet access to every family.

   According to the project, all of the province's newly-built estates should be equipped with the broadband system, providing more ease of use for the Internet .

   In addition, the local telecommunication sector will not only offer easy access for Internet surfing, but also has duty to make the Internet information comprehensive and attractive enough to fulfill users' different needs.

   So far, the provincial government has invested 2.6 billion yuan (about 325 million U.S. dollars) in the provision of broadband Internet services and building a multi-media telecommunication network.

   Some Internet service providers are now striving to offer Internet surfers more digital conveniences such as on-line shops and on-line hospitals .

   The province's education sector also plans to train people so that they can better utilize the Internet resources.

   It is predicted that through the implementation of the project, there will be 6.7 million households having access to Internet five years later.

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